Unit number: RAC411

Direct replacement for original starter. Fitted with multi drilled face plate to allow the unit to be mounted in multiple positions.

Ford 289ci,292ci,302ci engines.  GT40 V8 automatic (without spacer)
Strong, powerful, offset gear-reduced starter motor, delivering huge cranking torque through a set of steel internal gears. Lightweight, compact and durable this unit starts the engine faster with immense power, whilst drawing less current from the battery.


Fitting Instructions
Make Model Engine size Year
Ford 289ci Engine 289ci
Ford 292ci Engine 292ci
Ford 302ci Engine 302ci
Ford American GT40 V8 Automatic (no spacer)
Ford American V8 Automatic (no spacer)
Kilowatts 1.00 kW
Teeth 9
Voltage 12 V
Weight 4.20 kg