24 Jan 2018

Here are a few NEW units recently added to our Powerlite range of high torque start motors.


A new high-torque starter motor for more Italian motoring icons. Our new RAC512 for the Fiat 124 Special T, 131 Supermirafiori, 132 etc. Great for fans of Fiat! Simply swap for the original for our high torque starter, twice the power and half the draw off the battery. For road, race & rally!


Another new high-torque starter motor, hot off the factory floor. This time for a classic piece of Americana. A 12v 1.4kw unit for the GM (Chevrolet GMC etc.) Stovebolt straight 6 engine used in all things wonderful in the good old USA.


Great news for many classic Alfa Romeo owners. We are pleased to announce our new RAC516 hi-torque starter motor for the 2600 (Tipo 106) engine for Berlina, Spider, Sprint, Berlina Deluxe & Sprint Zagato. More performance! More reliability! Less weight!


Top work by the engineers in the factory, adds another important hi-torque starter motor to our portfolio. For the majority of cars with the Ford Taunus V4 & Cologne V6 engine this is a massive improvement over the original and is a direct fit replacement. So perfect for the Capri Power, Reliant Scimitar, Saab 96 and Ford Granada and many more! Keeping your dream alive!


For more information on these new units to our range, click on unit links below.

RAC512 -

RAC515 -

RAC516 -

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