Fitting Example For Lucas C40 Type Dynalite (RAC006).

Engine Bay

The Dynalite Alternator is designed to directly replace the original Dynamo unit with minimal changes to the vehicle. The RAC006 unit shown is a direct replacement for the original  Lucas C40 unit, which in this case if fitted to an early Austin Mini. The unit is physically identical to the original fitted and even used reclaimed original end castings ensuring an authentic appearance is maintained.    

Dynamo Fitted

Having been restored with a Dynamo it was decided to upgrade to an alternator after a number of additional electrical items had been added to the vehicle. However it was important to retain the correct appearance and location of all ancillaries.

Wiring Detail

The Dynalite is an alternator and therefore does have slightly different wiring requirements to the Dynamo, most important being that it is self regulating unlike the dynamo which is regulated remotely. The main connections on the Dynalite are identical to the original, and therefore the original wiring connections can be made.


Coil Clamp
Having substituted the Dynamo for the Identical Dynalite, small details such as the coil clamp can be transferred to the new unit.


Dynalite Fan

Dynamo Fan


Dynalite - Powerlite fan fitted.

Dynamo - Standard fan fitted

The output shaft on the Dynalite is identical to the original allowing a smaller pulley to be used. However in this case it was decided to use a smaller than original pulley (Fan C40/C42FAN, Pulley VAL6015A). The smaller pulley will enable the Dynalite to spin faster at lower engine RPM, providing full charging potential. A ratio of approximately 2:1 is optimum.


Dummy Control BoxStandard Control Box

Dummy Control Box Original Control Box

The Dynalite unlike the dynamo is self regulating. In keeping with the Dynalite philosophy Powerlite can supply a Dummy control box. The dummy control box is identical to the original in appearance, but only contains a fuse. The appropriate connections are bridged allowing the cables to be replaced in the same position. (It is however worth noting that the relevant cables on this car were uprated to 40 amps when the replacement wiring loom was fitted).

Dynalite Fitted:

Dynamo FittedDynalite Fitted

Dynamo Dynalite

The Dynalite allows the original appearance of the Lucas dynamo to be retained, whilst significant gains have been made in performance. The dynamo makes around 18 amps and weighs 5.6kg. The Dynalite weighs a featherweight 3.6kg and develops a healthy 40 amps. The Dynalite will also charge across a wide rev range being, providing a full charge at low and high revs.