Lagonda Rapier

We were contacted by an owner of a Lagonda Rapier which can only be described as comparatively rare with total production figures of just short of 400 cars between 1934 and 38. The engine is a four cylinder, twin overhead cam,1100cc that lends itself to modification and tuning. His car has been enlarged to 1500cc and 9.5:1 compression producing around 80 bhp. But in recent times starting had become a problem and finding a replacement starter seemed impossible.

A close friend, suggested that he should change to a Powerlite unit as a purpose made unit to suit the Lagonda Rapier was readily available. For his friend had fitted the same Powerlite starter to his “Rapier” with good results. This unit being the RAC448.

Both the customer and his friend are members of the Vintage Sports Car Club of Victoria (Australia) and the Rapier Register (UK) They both compete regularly in VSCC events . In 2009 and 2014 we took both cars to England and Europe touring in the French Alps and the Pyrenees. Climbing Historic Alpine Passes has become something of an obsession for them, previously his wife and navigator and him had in 2006 spent ten days in the Swiss Alps and the Italian Tyrol (Stelvio Pass etc).

The photos show the customer, on his journey around Europe, also his friend and navigators with both Lagonda’s which have both been fitted with Powerlite starter motors and also engine shots of both cars. 

Driving an 80 year old car so far away from home, reliable starting is essential!


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